x Fashion Label Brasil - Programa de Internacionalização da Moda Brasileira

ABEST brands participate in fair in New York

Next week, three Brazilian brands will land in New York to present their 2017 winter collections at Coterie, an important fashion fair held from February 27 to March 1.

The participation of the brands Cecília Prado, Ciao Mao and SERPUI is carried out through Fashion Label Brasil - the Internationalization Program of the Added Value Brazilian Fashion, created by ABEST in partnership with Apex-Brasil (Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency).

After being largely accepted in the international market, Ciao Mao will participate for the second time in the New York fair. "We were invited by the organizers to participate in a new area focused on women's luxury footwear, in addition to exhibiting our products at COTERIE EXPERIENCE, an exhibition curating the most innovative products at the fair," explains Daniel Hayashi, marketing and commercial manager.