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Apex-Brasil takes 63 companies and promotes actions in SXSW 2017

The Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brasil) has selected 63 companies to participate in business and image promotion actions during the South by Southwest Conference & Festivals (SXSW) 2017, to be held on March 10-19 in Austin, Texas. This is the largest Brazilian delegation since the Agency began organizing the national participation in the festival in 2014.

The participating companies are from audiovisual, advertising production, games, music, fashion, design, marketing, technology and entertainment industries. Among them, there are small and medium-sized companies with potential for exports or already exporting, as well as startups, who are looking for investments and partnerships.

Considered one of the most important events in the world for the Creative Economy and Technology industries, SXSW has already been the stage for the launching of applications such as Twitter, Foursquare, Uber and AirBnB. In 2016, it gathered around 350 thousand people who participated in more than 2,400 panels. The public is mainly made up of entrepreneurs, foreign investors and leaders of large companies.

"In addition to the fact that the event is a platform for image promotion and brings together key players working in the so-called creative economy, the United States has stood out as a marketplace with opportunities for audiovisual and contemporary arts services. As such, we also consider the United States a promising market for the Brazilian games industry", comments Christiano Braga, Export Manager at Apex-Brasil.

The selected companies came from a group of 100 applicants and were evaluated according to requirements related to profile and export readiness.

Business The companies will have access to platforms organized by the Agency for conducting business and prospecting opportunities, investments and partnerships. There will be six platforms formatted to meet different export readiness levels and objectives.

The Trade Show is a traditional business fair in which 17 Brazilian companies will exhibit their products and services. Six of them are part of the fashion industry, in an initiative organized in partnership with Sistema Moda Brasil (Brazil Fashion System), and the others are from the games, music and audiovisual production industries.

Platinum Connection, Silver Connection and Gold Connection are platforms for organizing meetings between potential buyers and Brazilian companies, according to the profile and readiness level of each company.

One of the novelties of this year, is the Brazilian Directors Showcase, event to be held on the opening eve of SXSW to present 10 Brazilian producers to a group of North American buyers, organized by Apex-Brasil in partnership with the Brazilian Association of Production Companies - APRO).

Record participation Brazil had the fifth largest international delegation in 2016 in terms of numbers of participants registered to attend or showcase at the festival, behind only Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany and Japan. In 2017, the country is expected to be fourth in number of participants: there are already 600 Brazilians registered to participate in the event.

Music will be another strong point of Brazil in the festival. Eight national bands were selected for shows within the festival's lineup: Max de Castro, Liniker e os Caramelows, Capela, Autoramas, Lista de Lily, Maglore, Rashid, ToTi, FingerFingerr and Boogarins.

Programming- SXSW has selected Brazilian professionals to lead eleven panels in the official program. In addition to the panels, two mentoring sessions will be held by Brazilian professionals: Igor Kupstas, from O2 Filmes, and Felipe Braga, from the production company Los Bragas.

Apex-Brasil supports two panels at the event. One of them, with the subject Diversity Now: Pushing Boundaries Forward, will be presented by actor Wagner Moura and actress Alice Braga, who will discuss the presence of Latin American actors and actresses in Hollywood.

The second one, named Brazilian VR: Creativity to hit millions of views, will be held by O2 Filmes, which has been focusing on the theme: the production company has already made 360 videos in Virtual Reality (VR), with more than 50 million views in 2016.

Also supported by the Agency, there will be the Meet Up "Innovation in Brazil's fashion industry: a human story of design, technique, craftsmanship and, above all, collaboration". Organized by the Brazil Fashion System, the Meet Up will be presented by designer Ronaldo Fraga and fashion and design consultant, Evilásio Miranda.

Check out the other nine panels that will have Brazilian participation:

Education - Eduardo Valladares, from the Descomplica website, will present a lecture on Just Small Change: How to Teach Students Autonomy, in which he will talk about how to teach students to have study autonomy. The idea is that they take responsibility and learn to be organized to learn.

The Students as Education innovators panel will discuss strategies to engage students in the co-creation and implementation of educational innovations. The Porvir group is organizing the panel and will present the survey Our School in (Re) Construction, which heard more than 135 thousand youngsters from different states of the country to understand how they would like the school to be and how they like to learn. The discussion will be attended by Mailson Cruz de Aguiar, a 19-year-old student who participated in the elaboration of the survey questionnaire and the analysis of the results. The social innovator Bruna Waitman from Media Education Lab (MEL) will bring to the debate the experience in the construction and application of a methodology of listening and co-creation in São Miguel dos Campos, Alagoas, and in a school occupied in Goiânia, Goiás, available on the Faz Sentido platform. The mediator will be the director of Inspirare, Anna Penido.

Still on education, Leandro Beguoci, from the Nova Escola association, will debate with Denis Mizne from Lemann Foundation on strategies and platforms for dialogue with teachers, in the panel How to Engage over Million Teachers Everyday.

Startups - In the subject of entrepreneurship and startups, the Not Another Valley: Startup Hubs in Latin America panel will capture the experience of startups hubs in Brazil, Colombia and Mexico and will discuss the creation of ecosystems that favor the emergence of new companies. Bruno Peroni, from Semente Negócios, will be representing Brazil in this panel. 

Fashion- On fashion, fashion and design consultant Evilásio Miranda will address the subject Indie (Yet Global) Fashion Businesses, discussing strategies and tools for independent fashion to have global reach.

Creativity - In the workshop Hack Creativity with Neuroscience, Arts and Tech, Elisa Gijsen, from the Brazilian organization FLAGCX, which acts as an accelerator and startups consultant, will discuss with MIT neuroscientist and artist Adam Haar Horowitz how the creative process occurs and how some methods can be used to stimulate new insights.

Architecture - The professor of Architecture and Urbanism from the Centro Universitário Belas Artes de São Paulo, Alexandre Kuroda, will present the panel From Mud Cracks to Buildings: Endemic Interstices, which will approach computational processes for making architectural models.

The presentation will focus on the use of complex nonlinear formations organized by digital design tools, inspired by the cracking patterns of various earth formations, and used to generate building structures that have structural stability, sun protection and air flow control.

Music The Brazilians of the Around the World in 80 Music Videos project will be speakers at the Making Film & Episodics conference. Idealized by Leo Longo and Diana Boccara, the ATW80 consists of filming live-action video clips with 80 bands around the world. The videos are being produced since March 2015, so that on a weekly basis – on Mondays – they are released, along with a “making of” episode on the YouTube channel.

Cinema - Videocamp – a platform created by Brazilians to connect movies with a social purpose to audiences around the world will be presented in the panel: AirBnB of Movie Theaters: Free, Anytime, Anywhere. The platform has already promoted sessions of over 7,000 films in 52 countries