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Osklen uses technology to attract and engage its customers

Osklen leveraged its brand exposure by investing in technology for its e-commerce. Conceived by Oskar Metsavaht, the company is based on the pillars of sustainability, lifestyle, design and fine art that guide its business to quality and sustainable products - all aligned with the DNA of innovation.

Now, with its digital revamping, the company's challenges aim at orchestrating its e-commerce with a focus on offering an innovative shopping experience, bringing customers closer and engaging them in a cascade of entertainment, education and information. Through the Oracle Commerce Cloud (OCC), Osklen managed to have a unified and more agile online sales platform, thus ensuring that its customers are reached organically with content and merchandise of interest.

Alicia Billberg, Global E-commerce manager at Osklen, explains that the path to digital presence is something that the company already has as a premise to offer more quality service options to its consumers. "Osklen has been a pioneer in the industry since its inception in 1988, and we want to continue- as we always did- to bring luxury aligned with sustainability. Therefore, our e-commerce is a tool to expand our mission in offering style based on genuinely Brazilian products. The partnership with Oracle made this possible, as we now have a robust tool that will allow us to scale future demands ", Billberg commented.

This is the opportunity to apply cloud technology on the brand current and future changes - something that retailers always demand. The path to digital presence is something that has no return and change is necessary to ensure market competitiveness. Osklen's use of Oracle CX Commerce is paramount to leveraging the company's business, as well as engaging its customers in e-commerce and preparing for future demands. 

With a three months speedy implementation and its e-commerce up and running since January 2018, Osklen already has benefits and positive numbers that reinforce that the change was satisfactory. In addition to having a robust system with a server that supports high demands, Oracle CX Commerce allows the segmentation of the website layout for each customer, provides an organic flow through its search system and reduces the pages loading time.

In addition, Billberg says that there was an improvement in Osklen's internal team. "As we have many already automated and implemented processes in OCC, our E-Commerce team can be even more dedicated to the business. With this, we have increased productivity, availability to outline new strategies and think about new business opportunities". 

Among the implementation highlights are the following: 

• 20% increase in customer loyalty and retention rates

• 20% increase in time spent on the site 

The next steps for Osklen include to double sales in its digital market in a two years period and branch out the brand to the US, with the opening of a store in Miami. "We are focused on expanding Osklen and continuing to manage the brand from Brazil. Collaborating with Oracle allows us to have a multi-site, domain, language and currency platform, which facilitates our international strategies to promote our merchandise in other markets," Billberg concluded.