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Alberto Hiar is elected ABEST new president

ABEST (Brazilian Fashion Designers Association) announces the guild's new president: businessman Alberto Hiar, from Cavalera (a Brazilian garment and accessories brand founded in 1995). Hiar replaces Paulo Lourenço Bartholomei, from Cecilia Prado brand, which now holds the position of vice president. 


“Taking over ABEST presidency is one of the biggest challenges in my career. I want to continue the excellent work done by the previous management, where we won new partnerships, associated brands and visibility in the foreign market”, says Alberto Hiar. 

The result of the election was announced on April 27th, and the new board will remain in office for the next three years. “During this term of office the new board and I will work on ABEST’s great potential to be a spokesperson for Brazilian fashion for the benefit of our members,” adds Hiar. 

Created in 2003, the Brazilian Fashion Designers Association aims to strengthen and promote Brazilian design and fashion. Currently, the non-profit association has more than 120 brands across Brazil and they export goods to 57 countries. For these international actions, ABEST places the image of Brazilian fashion abroad via Fashion Label Brasil, a Brazilian fashion internationalization program in partnership with Apex-Brasil (Brazilian Agency for the Promotion of Exports and Investments).

“Our main focus is to continue to trade internationally, but the domestic market is still a priority. We want to expand our public and private resources, to show that the fashion industry is one of the strongest sectors of the economy and generates jobs ”, emphasizes the new president.


ABEST Board 


President: Alberto Hiar (Cavalera)

Vice President: Paulo Lourenço Bartholomei (Cecília Prado)

Executive Vice President: Gustavo de Almeida Assis (Lapima)

Treasurer: Renata Jorge Tinelli (Fernando Jorge)