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Oliva Palermo is introduced to Gissa Bicalho‘s accessories

During Paris Fashion Week, Minas Gerais (a large state in southeastern Brazil, known for colonial-era towns dating to the country’s 18th-century gold rush) brand Gissa Bicalho had an unusual surprise. Digital influencer Olivia Palermo contacted the brand through her team wishing to see more of the acrylic accessories. 


Olivia's executive assistant said they were on their way to a fashion show when they saw some necklaces exposed in a window shop. At the end of the engagement, they returned to the store to buy the pieces, and they also had the opportunity to get to know better the brand. Olivia bought four necklaces and a pair of earrings from the new collection that was debuted in the September edition of Bijorhca at the French capital. 

With much praise, they said they found the pieces gorgeous and are curious to find out more about the collection, specially the bags.