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Brazilian brands attend Who's Next and Bijorhca trade shows in Paris

From September 6th to 9th, the city of Paris hosts a group of 14 Brazilian brands full of bossa nova and creativity at the Who’s Next and Bijorhca trade shows. This effort was supported by Fashion Label Brasil and Texbrasil (Brazilian Fashion Textile Industry Internationalization Program), ABEST (Brazilian Fashion Designers Association) and Abit (Brazilian Association of Textiles and Apparel) internationalization programs in partnership with Apex-Brasil (Brazilian Agency for Promotion of Exports and Investments).

Who's Next attendees from Fashion Label Brasil brand members are Augusta, Batiche, Cecília Prado, DOTZ, Flavia Aranha, Florita, Larissa Minatto, Lenny Niemeyer and Soleah, alongside Texbrasil brand members attendees Natural Cotton Color, Despi, Maria Pavan, Marie Mercié and Rio de Sol. 

For the first time the event's organization highlighted sustainability as a theme, by bringing in IMPACT, a collective of sustainable fashion brands and designers. Within this space there will be daily workshops and platforms such as SloWeAre, Fashion Green Days and Ulele.  SloWeAre introduces conscious brands, sustainable events, positive initiatives and practical advice, while Fashion Green Days is a forum that promotes the principles of circular economy for the entire fashion industry. Ulule is a crowdfunding platform, enabling creative, innovative and sustainable projects to raise money, test their concepts and create a community.

Fashion designer Flavia Aranha, ahead of her namesake brand, is a reference in sustainable fashion in Brazil and has gained space in the international market with her handmade all over printing techniques. “The European market is very enthusiastic about this theme. I believe that sustainability needs to be inherent in design and product, and must be the matrix of any company of the future. So, I think this phase of 'sustainable fashion' should end in a few years, in order to integrate the buyer's eye on all of their choices and not just on one niche,” says Aranha.

"Attending Who's Next will be an opportunity to better understand the French and European market in general, and enhance our internationalization that began last year with the opening of the store at Casa Pau Brazil," says the fashion designer.

According to ABEST’s president Paulo Lourenço Bartholomei, the city of Paris has been a strategic place for positioning Brazilian fashion abroad. “The sustainability theme highlights of the event give us an excellent chance to show all that Brazil has been doing in this scenario, combining design with the best socio-environmental practices,” Bartholomei says.

For Lilian Kaddissi, Texbrasil executive manager, the Brazilian delegation will represent the best of the country. “Our team is strong and is bringing high value-added products. We are sure to make the most of Who’s Next platform business opportunities, which is visited by excellent buyers from the European market,” Kaddissi comments.

At Bijorhca, a trade show dedicated to jewelry, high jewelry, watchmaking and accessories, brands Gissa Bicalho and Lavish, from Fashion Label Brasil, debut their collections.