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UNDERTOP has confirmed attendance at New York Fashion Week

Increasingly committed to creating cool, inclusive and socially-minded fashion, creative director Juliana Mansur's UNDERTOP debuts its spring-summer 2020 collection at New York Fashion Week on September 6th.

Inspired by the Babylonian chaos, the collection was born with cohesive and geometric mixtures of fabrics and colors that clash without losing harmony. The collection also features a larger chart with sizes up to XL. "We are always thinking about the welfare of women and we feel the need to expand our chart so that more women can wear the brand. It is a work-in-progress and we seek to evolve each season," said Mansur.

To further enhance its products, for this collection Undertop has teamed up with Sensil®, a premium polyamide brand, to bring innovation in its tulle, thus achieving a very high-quality standard in extremely soft yet resilient pieces.

On the catwalk of the official New York Fashion Week line-up, Undertop will show all-white looks with styles inspired by the fresh lightness of summer. The fashion models will wear sandals from Brazilian designer Paula Torres.