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Brazilian delegation with 18 brands makes USD 1.4 million in trade deals during UNIQUE by Mode City

From July 6th to 8th, a group of 18 Brazilian companies attended UNIQUE by Mode City, an important trade show for the swimwear, fitness and lingerie segments, which took place in Paris, France.

This effort was supported by Fashion Label Brasil and Texbrasil (Brazilian Fashion Textile Industry Internationalization Program), ABEST (Brazilian Fashion Designers Association) and Abit (Brazilian Association of Textiles and Apparel) internationalization programs in partnership with Apex-Brasil (Brazilian Agency for Promotion of Exports and Investments).

Among the attendees were Fashion Label Brasil brand members (Água de Coco por Liana Thomaz, Batiche, Hype Beachwear, La Sirène, Larissa Minatto, Lenny Niemeyer, Marta Reis, Salt Sun & Bikinis, Shorts.co and Sinesia Karol) as well Texbrasil brand members (Amir Slama, Bikiny Society, Emporio Zart, La Clofit, Maryssil, Ouseuse, Rio de Sol and Serpentina).

The group attained trade deals totaling USD 1.4 million from sales made during the event. Expectations for the next 12 months is USD 3.3 million.

“The trade show's organization is betting on a communication strategy focused on attracting new emerging markets. In this edition, our booth was very well located, thus ensuring to welcome all loyal customers and also those potential new customers,” says Danielle de Almeida Araújo, Lenny Niemeyer brand distributor abroad.

According to Lilian Kaddissi, the Brazilian companies’ outcome was positive. “Europe is a highly competitive market, but the Brazilian group was strong, with products of high added value. There is also the image effect, since both the Brazilian bikini and the lifestyle are desirable on the continent,” Kaddissi concludes.