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Osklen debuts Black Edition, a limited-edition clothing items made with sustainable technology

The all-time classic Osklen black t-shirt was featured as limited edition in the latest collection launched by the brand, ASAP Forests. Made with e-cotton- a cotton mesh cultivated in Brazil with certification that the production follows sustainable criteria of social responsibility, environmental and economic practices-, the pocket collection includes the traditional t-shirt style and also a new take on a dress. All the textiles used on the garments are treated with Polygiene. 


Polygiene technology inhibits the growth of odor-causing bacteria, allowing people to use garments more often and wash less and at lower temperatures, thereby reducing water, soap and energy consumption. In addition to reducing environmental impact, Polygiene also ensures a longer shelf life - with less washes, fabric fibers last longer, and can also be recycled when discarded. Approved by bluesign®, the technology meets the demanding environmental certification requirements of the textile industry that take the entire product life cycle into consideration. 

• Polygiene odor control technology has received the bluesign® approval, a strict environmental certificate focused on the entire product life cycle.

• Bluesign is "highly recommended" by Greenpeace.

• It is on the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 (I-IV) list of approved products.

• It is registered according to EU Biocides Product Regulations and approved by the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

• It complies with the requirements of REACH, the legislation for chemicals of the European Union.

• Clothing and accessories treated with Polygiene can be recycled into the Eco Circle® system and the Common Threads Garment Recycling Program.

E-cotton guarantees a fair and sustainable production chain, through initiatives such as the regularity of labor relations; compliance with labor safety standards; prohibition of child labor and the practice of forced, slave, degrading or unworthy labor; prohibition of discrimination against persons; labor union freedom and support for collective bargaining between labor unions and employers; legal protection and preservation of the environment with the application of good agronomic practices.

Great option for travel, the t-shirts are timeless and developed to promote greater practicality, saving time and weight in a suitcase.