x Fashion Label Brasil - Programa de Internacionalização da Moda Brasileira

Mariah Rovery Design attends Premiere Classe Tuileries with Fashion Label Brasil’s support

From March 01stto 04th, Brazilian designer Mariah Rovery, the soul behind its namesake brand, embodies Brazilian fashion at Premiere Classe Tuileries, an important trade show of the jewelry and accessories industry that takes place alongside Paris Fashion Week.

The brand is supported by Fashion Label Brasil - Program of Internationalization of Value-Added Brazilian Fashion, created by ABEST in partnership with Apex-Brasil (Brazilian Agency for Promotion of Exports and Investments).

Mariah Rovery Design has been in previous trade show editions and seeks to open more doors in the European market. "I believe that Europe is a great target market for Mariah Rovery Design. The idea is to centralize our jewelry collections in cosmopolitan cities such as London and Paris and distribute our Flex Jewel line in countries close to the Mediterranean, like Greece for example, " says the designer.