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LOLITTA brand was created in 2008 by the stylist Lolita ZuritaHannud, a young and skilled entrepreneur. From an early age, she demonstrated her gift for fashion and creation while observing her mother’s work,RosanaZurita, owner of a traditional knitting confection in Brazil. LOLITTA, known for its unique, handmade and luxury pieces knitted with European silk yarns provides an exclusive and handcrafted work. Most of the pieces have a completed knitted base mixed with jacquard and a variety of colors.The pieces, which are not 100% knitted, the brand’s DNA, are mixed with other noble materials such as silk, crepe and leather, grantingthem a modern look.

LOLITTA woman is defined as being modern, chic and elegant. She seeks for pieces which value her silhouette in an elegant and sensual way. The impeccable modeling highlights female shape with no-lateral-seams pieces, knitted one by one. This special care guarantees the body to be modeled according to the dress.

In March, the brand participated in SPFW for the first time, and it was a highlight in the fashion week and in international fashion sites such as Stylesight, WGSN and NY Times.

LOLITTA has gained increasing prestige in the fashion world, either for its impressive identity or by the high quality of its pieces, becoming an object of desire among the most popular national and international it girls.

LOLITTA is presentin the main Brazilian sales points, in addition to their own shops located in São Paulo in Jardinsdistrict, at JK Shopping Malland also, in a near future, atIguatemi Shopping Mall.

In recent years, the brand has matured and presented an impressive growth, consolidating its market position with a well-defined identity, faithful customers and surprising every one with its creations.

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