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UMA | Raquel Davidowicz

UMA: word with diverse meanings that can refer to quantity, unity, and placement of series of things, depending on its history or on the moment they happen. About the word UMA, a special value to unity and singularity can be attributed. It is in the context that the feminine and masculine brands of the couple Roberto and Raquel Davidowicz presents itself to the fashion world: unique and singular.
It appears as an independent, timeless and dynamic style which values differentiation, personality and comfort. With exclusive pieces that vary and mix the tailor made sophistication with the sportswear dispossession, UMA is a brand in constant evolution.
The creations
Created by the fashion designer Raquel Blay Davidowicz, UMA´s clothes are identified by an urban, active, intelligent and charming personality, but that also brings an uncommitted sensuality, refined and delicate, which suggests a cool & chic look. With proper modellings and sizes, the pieces always have a differential that shows itself since the unexpected shapes up to the details. Examples of that are UMA´s trousers which are famous for the impeccable modellings.
The proposal is to create clothes for everyone who is searching for a special product and is able to recognize the singularity of each piece. Men and women who wear UMA are self confident and interesting because they are involved in a certain mystery, without loosing their own authenticity. Besides that, the brand follows a concept that values the comfort, versatility, and practicality through the usage of fabrics of high quality and durability, from the natural to the technological fabric. Another UMA´s important characteristic is the development of timeless collections, where not only the antique pieces but also the new ones can be easily coordinated in a perfect harmony.
“My creations are inspired in the image of contemporaneous people, objects and places. I think that, in a certain moment, you can identify each one’s personality, by the way, they dress themselves, and this is important” – says Raquel.
The stores
UMA´s contemporaneous style is well portrayed in its own stores: São Paulo  (Shopping Higienópolis, MorumbiShopping and Vila Madalena), Brasília (Brasília Shopping) and Búzios, Rio de Janeiro.
Specially projected by the famous architect Márcio Kogan, he has developed something different to each store, without loosing the modernism, simplicity and technology, important aspects that also characterize the collections. The idea is to interact UMA´s personality, which attends active, informed and concerned men and women, with everything that is going on all over the world and place them near to the singular and unique brand’s universe.
Another different aspect is Vila Madalena´s flagship store that has the Di Café Lounge*.
The creators
Created by the couple Raquel and Roberto Davidowicz, UMA comes as a project of two people who have a tradition of more than 50 years on the market. The industrial structure of the brand is inside the Detex Company, founded in 1963, responsible for brands like Deblu and Lucienne Phillip.
Graduated in 1992 by Anhembi Morumbi, Raquel Davidowicz has been acting for 12 years in the market being the fashion designer responsible for UMA´s exclusive creation. On the other hand, Roberto has been graduated in business administration and post graduated in Marketing and MBA on Universidade de São Paulo (USP). He has been in the clothing marketing for 17 years in a family company and he is in charge of UMA´s administration.
* Di Café Lounge
The gastronomic space Vila Madalena was lacking is now here. In partnership with Raquel and Roberto Davidowicz, chef Cássio Machado has transformed the Uma Refeitório into the Di Café Lounge, already the newest meeting place for the laidback patrons from the district.
With a blend of restaurant, bar and lounge, the establishment introduces a menu based on a living room kitchen, following the fingerfood line with all the refinement and sophistication that has already become a trademark for chef Cássio Machado. A lounge atmosphere, background music from invited DJ pickups and uniforms designed by Raquel Davidowicz.

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