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Lilly Sarti


Lilly Sarti knew as a child that she would be a designer, since she was interested in fashion and fine arts. At 19, she picked up a pair of scissors and began to personalize clothing as well as developing garments for herself. With time, her friends began to buy her designs, asking for more and more models. Months later, Lilly began a partnership with her sister Renata, who is also interested in fashion and art, opening the Lilly Sarti label.

The Lilly Sarti brand became known for its much talked about fashion shows and memorable collections. After its first fashion show, Donata Meirelles, the CEO of Daslu, took the brand under her wing, exclusively selling the brand to this day at the famous department store, where the last two fashion shows were held to launch its newest collections.

With a concern that was rare for such a young label, Lilly and Renata were careful with details and finish. The sisters were open to all kinds of information and there was no limit to their research subjects. They like anything that is stylish and full of charm. Their creations are based on movies, fashion and art books, and everyday behavior.

Many of the coolest celebrities, who know what they want, are fans and users of their creations. In turn, the label's customers insist on the classic tone set by its items, a tone that sets the brand apart. As a young but very well structured brand, Lilly Sarti already has around 40 points of sale in Brazil and is in the midst of expanding.


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