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"Linking people and ideas to create opportunities". DOTZ, a unisex shoe brand that carries the handmade savoir-faire with classic elements, sustainable components and social workmanship, was born from this insightful idea.

Adding the best of each sector of the industry, the label also invites artists to create one-of-a-kind designs that become unique all over prints. DOTZ acts as a curator by giving visibility to participating names - each pair of shoes comes with a photo and detailed bio label about the designer that signs the all over print.


With the principle that goes far beyond just a simple pair of shoes, DOTZ is concerned with valuing the product by getting involved in the process chain, from agroecological cotton plantations produced by Paraíba (a state in Brazil's Northeast, is known for its tropical coastline and Portuguese colonial architecture)families, to empowering women from vulnerable communities. They also use household and industrial waste (it can be observed in the recycled material box where the pair of shoes come in. It that was made from plastic household waste).


As a result, DOTZ has sophisticated products manufactured with transparency in the creation chain that value comfort without giving up on creativity and the concern for a product with impeccable quality.


About the creator 


The concept, at first glance, is objective and simple. This was Rodrigo Doxandabarat- in partnership with Anderson Presoto (the name behind Linking Dotz)-, intent. 

After years in the retail for brands such as Dolce & Gabbana and Giorgio Armani, Doxandabarat saw the need to use all his expertise in the luxury market coupled with compelling topics such as sustainability and cooperation, as he worked for years in the third sector to several NGOs in countries such as India, Argentina and Iraq during the 2003 armed conflict.

Doxandabarat supports empathy, diversity and plurality. DOTZ’s project believes and wants to prove that an alternative business model is not only possible, but necessary.

Cravinhos, 101 - Jardim Paulista

ZIP Code: 01408-020, Sao Paulo - SP


+55 11 2339-1523