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Le Soleil d’été

My mother always made clothes, for us (me and my sister) and for many brands. Our house is a place of creation, ideas, cloths, threads, wines, embroideries, drawings, spreadsheets, fireplace, risottos, cakes, brushes, juices, sun, linens and much joy. My mother is always full of creativity, and one day she came up with the name "Le soleil d'été" and said that she wanted to make clothes for summer time. She was going to spend the holidays in José Ignacio (a fishing village turned upscale resort. It is a flashy, lively extension of Punta del Este’s social scene in Uruguay) and wanted to wear the clothes that were on her head. I put her dreams into spreadsheets. I liked it. I then called Flora, a fine artist and architect, who embarked on our project and the next day came up with the most beautiful logo in the world; beautiful bags and delicate tissue papers to wrap our clothes with the "smell of the sea".

We debuted Le soleil d'été, our very own way of living transformed into collections of clothes, translated into linens, cottons and silks. We launched the first collection in our house. The brand is the face of our house, our family. It was the greatest success. We are happy to share our effortless way of living and wearing clothes with so many people. I'm Isabella, I majored in management and worked for a consulting firm. Flora (my sister) and Roberta (my mom), both designers of Le soleil d'été, and I are equal partners.

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