x Fashion Label Brasil - Programa de Internacionalização da Moda Brasileira


Elegance, attitude and lightness. The brand lead by sisters Laura and Lorena Andrade debuted in 2013, aiming to broaden the horizons of Brazilian fashion identity, transforming it into something cosmopolitan and feminine, while remaining true to its roots. With small-scale production, the duo foregoes all the seasonal trends clichés and emphasize high quality raw materials and unique details.

LLAS displays fondness and an haute couture atelier vibe in everything it does, from fabric research, the customization of the pieces, the accurate research for the manufacturing of its collections up to the choice of the professionals involved in the production chain. All this care is clear when one comes across the final product. Working with vintage trimmings and adornments with strong emotional aspect in Brazilian culture, that are often forgotten by the contemporary brands, the designer duo makes their creations even more personal and exclusive.


A timeless, cosmopolitan and full of personality fashion concept that captivates, challenges any kind of stereotype and, above all, excites.




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