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Blue Bird

BLUE BIRD was launched in 2013 as a result of its owners will: to create fashion with contemporary, personalized and creative shoes. The Brazilian brand believes on flat shoes. Having the loafer as its main product, BLUE BIRD aims to spread the culture of not wearing heels and still being elegant. Considering luxury democratization and focusing on a target market in which there were no other shoes that brought together lifestyle, innovation and versatility, BLUE BIRD presents its own rereading of the world´s oldest style of shoe (also known as slipper).

The product is all handmade, in rail manufacturing, following the traditional assembly line model of the Italian factories. The BLUE BIRD shoes are made of leather, from the sole to the inside, and the styles are originally made, each one with its own story, created and told by the partners that sign the collections. As a brand icon, a blue grosgrain ribbon is put on the back finishing of all shoe styles.


Priscila Wiegandt