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We Fit

We Fit was born in 2014, to transform the concept of fashion sport, combining technology, high quality, exclusive design

together with a modern look. We always look for new trends to develop each collection, which is specially designed for our customers and has the best models for any type of exercises.

One of the great concepts of the We Fit parts, besides comfort, is that they flow the trends, thus creating stylish look that can be used by our client throughout the day, not just when exercising.

Our goal is to inspire and motivate the modern woman who deals with her routine of appointments and exercises, living her best days, with her feminine side and with comfort at the time of training. We Fit makes them even more beautiful. Quality, innovation, integrity and comfort are the values of our company. Always seeking to help you go even further.

+55 11 2950-4039 / 55 11 95052-4050