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La Sirène

La Sirène was founded in August 2016 after Michelle Coleto, a fashion designer, and local and international model Gi Rafik, joined forces and decided to create a brand for the beachwear segment. Coleto and Rafik outlined a new angle to the beachwear industry, combining comfort, fashion identity, quality excellence and personality to its products.

In less than a year, La Sirène products are already being something of desire among many women, who noticed the distinction in the piece’s details, creating loyalty towards the brand.

We, at La Sirène, are concerned with using the best fabrics, exclusive prints and custom accessories of the highest technology offered in the market, aiming to reach the public not only by the appearance of the collections, but also by the highest quality within an affordable price range.

Even our most basic styles feature a strong cut personality and color enhancing feminine beauty.

Also, La Sirène is growing quite a lot in the wholesale market, where multi-brand stores are increasingly interested in selling our products.

For the creation and development of new styles and collections, the partners travel around the world in search of new trends and raw materials, increasingly aiming at an exclusive and unique standard for their customers.


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