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Paola Vilas

Paola Vilas is a jewellery designer and plastic artist from Rio. After graduating in Design at PUC Rio, she develops a project created by herself, following her passion for art and jewellery.

During summer courses at the prestigious design school, University of the Arts London, the designer signed her visual and conceptual identity, translating a creative and inventive way to see the world in aesthetically unique pieces, that were built from her collages and watercolour drawings.

In 2013, Paola had her first watercolour works and collages exhibited to public, on the windows of Julia Monteiro de Carvalho's jewellery –where she worked as jewellery designer until 2016.

Ever since, her work has been recognised and the collaborations are increasing, as the live paintings on the SCHUTZ shoes during Vogue's celebration in October in Rio; her illustrations exclusively made to Amsterdam Sauer and artistic interventions on photos to the Village Mall's magazine and the independent Cause Magazine, always connecting collages and watercolours with the jewellery.

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