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Horvath is a fashion-tech startup founded in the Silicon Valley by the Brazilian-American siblings Luciano Bueno and Jess Martin. Through the use of nanotechnology, Horvath pioneered the development of stain-resistant and odor-resistant clothing.

A trailblazer in the fashion industry’s revolution, Horvath applies Design Thinking, combining creative development with an empathetic outlook to its customers’ needs. Under Horvath's humanistic approach, users exercise control over their destinies: its collections are adapted to lifestyles, a contrast to the existing fashion paradigm.

Through partnerships with NASA and other authorities in the textile and technology sectors, Horvath has created products that guarantee the freedom of its users to carry out many activities while mantaining an impeccable appearance.

With investment from Venture Capital and stakes ranging from SharkTank, Silicon Valley Fashion Week, South by South West, Globo to various TV interviews, Horvath is recognized as one of the most promising brands in current fashion.

In addition to transforming the fashion industry, Horvath exerts its social responsibility. By reducing the number of washes, its users contribute to the worldwide conservation of water and electricity.


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