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Simplicity and contemporaneity guide us. Sometimes deconstructed, sometimes linear, we have as a concept the creation of unique pieces. Forms that do not follow rules. Colors that blend - or stand out on their own. Details that connect with the femininity of each woman. Dreams that become reality by the hands of our craftsmen.

This is how SELO shoes are born. Since 1983.

Mineira(the inhabitant of the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais) based in São Paulo since the 1980s, Sandra Melo is a designer who believes in a timeless and continuous universe. She imagines that the daily life of a contemporary woman should be surrounded by pieces that surpass the seasonality of the trends. Experienced, he has created shoes for over 30 years, having already established partnerships with important Brazilian brands that showed their collections at São Paulo Fashion Week.

SELO is the fruit of Melo’s fully developed work and originality, which is renewed each collection.

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