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Aron & Hirsch

Aron & Hirsch is a fine jewelry brand that’s designed to be part of everyday life. Founded by Taísa Hirsch and Sandra Aron, it’s about original concept with a vintage and contemporary design. Passionate about stones, they started to elaborate small treasures that are guided by creativity, irreverence and delicate lines. The passion for creativity and design brought Taísa and Sandra together in 2012 and started the brand in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Taísa studied technical skill at GIA (Gemological Institute of America) and Sandra invested her refined eye and skills for business. In a short period of time, Aron& Hirsch has become an addiction among the fashion influencers and is sold at main luxury stores of Brazil also catching the eye of a few international retailers like Moda ‘Operandi.

Taísa and Sandra use hand-crafted techniques and the old conservative finishing used in the traditional jewelry, but they believe that jewels can - and must be - used as a fashion accessory. Everything is set so that the client’s personal style and self-expression is always considered as the main goal. The jewelry is meant to be a discovery and worn in different ways.

The pieces are made for women who understand that the true value from a jewel is not on its size, but on the history and craftsmanship behind each detail. Aron & Hirsch make jewels with memories, perfect to make the daily routine more exciting.



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