x Fashion Label Brasil - Programa de Internacionalização da Moda Brasileira

Denise Gerassi

Denise Gerassi seeks to understand the needs of the contemporary consumer, thus giving priority to strong lines and minimalist characteristics with originative design in her products. In addition, she relentlessly searches for new techniques and ways of exercising a fashion that goes hand in hand with conscious consumption.

Sorting the instantaneous fashion from the timeless one is no easy task. With such a mission, Denise Gerassi creates her handbags and accessories always inspired by Brazilian themes, genuine and based on rich artisanal processes that she develops with artisans and specialized cooperatives, located in different regions of the country.

The reference for the first collection of the brand was the legend of Victoria amazonica. The theme chosen for the first collection guides the creation of the lines, shapes and textures of the products that, in turn, communicate the Brazilian style – the project 's emphasis.

Since she focusses on exports, in May 2016 Denise Gerassi joined ABEST (Brazilian Association of Fashion Designers), which has Fashion Label Brasil, the Internationalization Program of the Added Value Brazilian Fashion, created in 2003 by ABEST in partnership with Apex-Brasil (Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency). The program includes strategic activities - Buyer and Image Projects, International Fairs and Fashion Shows, Showroom Project, as well as special actions - to increase the presence in new markets around the world and to strengthen the ties with those already reached.

The brand is currently sold in the concept store Cartel 011, in São Paulo, in multi-brand stores throughout Brazil, and also through its own e-commerce.

55 11 99603-0626