x Fashion Label Brasil - Programa de Internacionalização da Moda Brasileira


Inspired by the tropical essence of brazil paired with a strong european influence, in 2013 shorts co was launched, a beachwear brand dedicated to shorts, bathing suits and their compliments. Shorts co offers a wide array of products, quality materials and a vast collection of different colors and patterns. A world dedicated to man and his family.


The idea of shorts co has its origins tied to an enigmatic character, mr. Shorts, a prime example of someone who lived “the good life.” An extremely successful individual, mr. Shorts was tired of the suit And jeans so he decided to be daring. He began wearing shorts and they became his identity and his way of life. His greatest pleasures in life are traveling, exploring new cultures, and spreading knowledge from one corner of the world to the next. His greatest remains intact: in the greatest moments of a man’s life, he is always wearing shorts.

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