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It Bag Brasil

We are a Brazilian brand selling handbags for modern women who value the art of handmade accessories. IT BAG carries in its essence the vein of craft production, and therefore all of our pieces are handmade with a lot of love by our craftsmen.

During the production we found the true creative potential of our brand in order to create an unique design of accessories, that is not only modern, casual, and elegant but also exclusive to our customers.

All of our pieces have an original design which transmits IT BAG's personality into products. The bags are created based on research along with our craftsmen.

Besides being desired for our creations, IT BAG aspires to be a reference of quality and servisse . Therefore, one of IT BAG's core values as a company is to maintain a high degree of quality throughout the process of production, and while dealing with investors, suppliers, employees and customers.

In the long run IT BAG wants to be sold in multi-brand corporations throughout the country, as well as in major cities worldwide.

About our designer

At all started with the story of Thaís Sophia, founder of the brand, who from a young age showed talent in crafts by enthusiastically watching her grandma weave true works of art with perfectionism, carefulness an dedication. Thaís realized that she could combine her grandmother's teachings, her creativity and passion for fashion into a dream. She then began to attend fashion school and was very successful in creating a bag with a Rococó style for one of her school projects.

In order to make the dream come true, In 2003 Thaís and her grandmother began developing their first collection of the brand. Being an entrepreneur dedicated to her dream, Thaís was selling the bags to her friends, but did not rest until she became the leading supplier of one of Rio's most admired brands.


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