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Almost three years ago, in Rio de Janeiro, from the desire of the sisters Maria and Isabel Teixeira de Mello, was born TM, a Brazilian brand with an universal concept: to dress cosmopolitan women in all situations of life with pieces of strong personality. Initially created as a fashion house with bodies as highlight - but had a bit of everything - the collections ended up projecting the success of the main product. The success was so great that recently, the company started to create uniquely bodies - the most wanted by customers who know that the piece is versatile like few in the closet and it can be used from a party to a cocktail, from work to an informal meeting.

"We believe that we create pieces that can be used in many situations and, of course, even in the most stylish ones", says Isabel, the sketches author, that every season, are thought and rethought in exact 25 different options. To fulfill this premise and compose such creativity in a deceptively simple piece of modeling, the sisters use and abuse of
paintings by hand and a wide variety of tissues, including the knitted fabric, tailoring, cotton, linen and one of the biggest hits of TM: the crochet.

It could be a brand established in an international resort such as Capri, but is genuinely carioca. "I like humorous pieces, which can be sexy when necessary and, above all, practical", says Maria. It makes sense. The body, as they point out, conquered the world in the mid-1970s, when it was still known as leotard. When leaving the gyms and earn a closure at the bottom, won women who have no time to waste, making it one of the most eclectic items that we know of. Regardless of who remembered only the stars who helped popularize this piece of clothing, like Jane Fonda and Olivia Newton John, they are ideal for all silhouettes.

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