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Cia.Marítima is a Brazilian company that was founded in June 7, 1990. Cia.Marítima stands out in the sector for its commitment, since the beginning, in creating a concept of beachwear and not only to produce bikinis.

As being a company from Grupo Rosset, the largest producer of fabrics with Lycra® in the South American continent, the brand uses the know-how that underpins the textile development of its products. Its fabrics and trims are of the highest technology, in addition to its exclusive prints. As a result, the company has conquered space as the largest trendsetter in this competitive segment.
Cia.Marítima engages in this auspicious climate and invest more and more in the technological development of all its lines, presenting new fabrics and exclusive models on each collection, being a reference in the hottest beaches of the country.
In these 20 years, Cia.Marítima has established a unique standard of quality in the beachwear industry. The perfect molding and fashion information, presented in striking and glamorous fashion shows, have become reference for the fashion world, and with this successful trajectory the brand can be found in more than 1,000 points of sale in Brazil.

To conquer space in the fashion market and to extend the relationship with worldwide multi-brands and reach a wider coverage in all countries where it operates, the company utilizes the best of international trends and translates the styles into its products. Cia.Marítima is always aware of the global market needs, developing exclusive pieces, with differentiated molding, quality, technology, comfort and beauty that only the brand Cia.Marítima can offer.

Cia.Marítima exports to South America, Central America, North America, Asia and Europe, and it can be found in more than 500 points of sale, being the largest exporter of bikinis in the country. The production of the company is 1.5 million pieces per year, exporting about 10% of this production. These numbers were achieved due to the warm reception by foreigner countries customers to Brazilian origin products.
The main objective of the company in the countries where it exports to is to provide products with high quality materials and cultivate the loyalty of its consumers to Cia.Marítima. Our biggest commitment is to more and more enhance the beauty of women.

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