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Flavia Aranha

Founded in 2009 after an extensive research process on natural materials, biodiversity and manual techniques, FlaviaAranha is a Brazilian design and fashion brand with the goal of supporting sustainability throughout its entire chain of production.

With natural dyes at the brand’s core, we have built a network structured around a holistic vision of fashion, in which human relations are given priority and traditional knowledge is valued.

Beyond dressing us, clothes are also a record of their production process, revealing a precious thread of knowledge, traditions and improvisations woven into artisanal production. Holding onto this memory means valuing not only the end product, but also its materials and, more importantly, those who produce it.

Our inspirations and aspirations arise from our daily life in the studio, where we seek to combine knowledge, research and technology into the development of innovative and essential products. We believe in the concept of the ecosystem and in the possibility of generating a more positive impact on society through fashion.


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