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To be Artéria, one must transform!

Having multiple shapes or functionalities is the essence of Artéria, a versatile and original brand of bags and accessories created by young fashion designers Elene Veguin and Julia Sentelhas.

Driven by slow-fashion concept and care for the world, as well as involvement with social projects, Artéria is sustainable. This philosophy extends from packaging and reused material tags to evergreen products which prioritise quality across generations.

All items have a unique design, made with cowhide, locally produced and in limited editions, aiming durability and responsible consumption.

The leather is a sub-product of food industry and a noble raw-material. For that reason, it deserves respect and conscious use.

Elene and Julia are both graduated at University of Santa Marcelina in São Paulo and are specialised in fashion and accessories at London College of Fashion (LCF) and Polimoda School in Firenze, Italy.


Global ideas and Brazilian hearts are the drivers of a design which is simple, at the same time complex and innovative created by both professionals. 

+55 (11) 99656-6997