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Maria Dolores Design

Art has always been pulsating in the life of designer Maria Dolores from Curitiba. In her childhood and adolescence, fabrics, traits and interest in culture already indicated what would be the central axis of her career. Soon, she joined the course of Industrial Design at UFPR, which served as the basis for expertise in accessory design.

Maria Dolores soon joined in the design industry of Bergerson, one of the largest jewelry stores in the country, working in jewelry design that became part of the history of many Brazilians. After four years at the company, she decided to redesign her career, running her own studio. Two years of dedication to creating unique pieces before moving to Italy, one of the cradles of Western culture. There she studied in two renowned schools of jewelry and goldsmith, Le Arti Orafi and Metallo Nobile. Experience which also involved numerous visits to renowned exhibitions, fairs and workshops, providing contact with great artists and masters of contemporary jewelry.

Back in Brazil, Maria Dolores gradually joined the roll of personalities of the Brazilian fashion scene, letting her creations express the style and authenticity of the modern woman. Today, the brand that bears her name has seven stores serving the forefront of the public in the cities of Curitiba, Londrina and Maringa in Parana, and Goiania, São Paulo, and Vitoria. Its conceptual and contemporary design makes the accessory an essential item in any fashion production. It puts the mark of Maria Dolores in a prominent position, even in show business. The art of combining unusual materials and audacious design became the differential in this woman that, early in life, knew what she wanted.


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