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Paula Ferber

The Paula Ferber brand was born from the union of three enriching lifetime experiences  of its creator: a passion for Brazilian popular art, the experience of years spent in Trancoso and her own professional experience in the fashion market as both a model and designer, specifically in the area of fashion accessories.

Paula has alternated her time between Sao Paulo and Trancoso since the late ‘80s, and since then has traveled throughout Brazil researching, collecting and appreciating the work of popular artists.  Additionally, after Paula completed studies at the renowned institute of higher learning, Fundação Getúlio Vargas, she chose to work in large fashion companies, more specifically the shoes and accessories market, where she acquired great knowledge in style (fashion design) and extensive experience in product development.

In 2002, she opened a store on “The Square” in downtown Trancoso, where she presented a line inspired by the region’s animals and plants. As part of the event, she invited an artisan shoemaker to create and make flat sandals directly onto the feet of waiting customers. The brand offered to the city visitors and tourists, the opportunity of take home a piece of Trancoso’s magic.

The brand grew but retained its characteristics of being from a craft studio. Today, the Paula Ferber store is located in a charming house in Vila Olímpia, São Paulo, where customers have a pleasant shopping experience while surrounded by a tropical garden and an architecture that serves as a reminder of the brand’s Trancoso roots.

Furthermore, she sells her products in 20 stores throughout  Brazil.  This month her first shipment will be delivered to the French store "Le Bon Marche."  Paula will also celebrate the opening of a small shop in Shopping Iguatemi next month.

Vivencias mean experiences in the sense of living experience,  stuff she learned because of the circumstances of her life… so I would say unique life experience or something better.


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